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U-shape paper straw packing machine

Item No.: JY033
Min. Order: 1 Piece

JY033 U-shape paper straw packing machine

    JY033 series U-shape Tetra-pak flexible drinking straw packing machine is for bending flexible paper straws to be U-shaped straws and automatically packing. U-shaped straws are used for aseptic-packing beverage, such as Tetra-pak.

1.Easy to operate. Packing speed is variable. Automatic stop when fault.

2.Perform sharp end cutting on the straws, ensuring all sharp ends are packed in the same direction, with automatic absorbing waste device.

3.Automatic counting. Alarm when the preset value is reached.

4.Packing speed is adjustable.

Driving Motor
1.5kw control by frequency converter
300 pcs/min
Packing method
four sides sealing 
Specifications of the packing material
BOPP can be hot sealed 
Roller diamter Max :280mm
Internal diameter of paper tubes
Thickness of BOPP film
Packing shape
 Straws specifications
inner diameter
Ø 3.5mm  Ø 3.8mm

Straw thickness
Size (L×W×H)
2000 × 1800×1600mm