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As being the most experienced and specialized designer &manufacturer of Drinking Straw Production line in China, Nanjing Jieyang Machinery Co., Ltd. provides you all the equipments of drinking straw production line: straw extrusion machine, flexible straw making machine and all type straws packing machine. We also provides packaging machines for plastic spoons and toothpicks, etc. We have devoted over 20 years of experience and unlimited resources to the development and production of these machines.
Due to our good know-how, design and technical supervision, we successfully sell our machines in over 40 countries, where they enjoy a reputation for good workmanship and reliable operation. Companies in UK, Australia , Poland, Portugal, most African countries and all Asian countries are among our satisfied customers, and with whom we enjoy an excellent relationship.

We welcome you to visit our factory & website. We are keen to expand the mutual benefit between you and us by using our experience in all aspects of drinking straw production, including invaluable practical production know-how, technical supervision and even straw marketing strategy, etc.