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High speed individual drinking straw paper (film) packing

Item No.: JY035
Min. Order: 1 Piece

Full automatic High-speed Single piece straw paper packing machine

035-P series full automatic high-speed single-piece straw paper packaging machine is a kind of equipment used to packing the drinking straw into the bag automatically.  The complete machine comprises driving motor, driving system, paper-roll unwinding device, straw-feeding device, automatic sealing device, conveying device for finished products, etc..  With complete set of introduced Italian technology, the machine is highly automatic, and has high production speed and double-color printing (fine printing) function, which can complete printing, feeding and packaging at one time.  The machine is convenient to operate and has reliable quality.
This machine has the ISO9001 and the CE Certificate.
◆Single-piece packaging. Feeding and packing can be completed at one time.
◆There are non-color, single-color or double-color printings available
◆Automatic product counting, product quantity pre-set.  And once the pre-set value is reached, the machine will stop and give an alarm.  It is convenient for secondary packing.
◆ The packing speed is adjustable.

0.75kw(Control by  frequency converter)
600~700pcs/min(straight straws)                     (print 300 ~400pcs/min)
400~500pcs/min(flexible straws)
three sides sealing
Diameter Φ3~Φ7mm
Other specifications are customizable
1500 × 800×1300mm