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Automatic flexible straw making machine

Item No.: JY021
Min. Order: 1 Piece

021 Series automatic flexible straw making machine
This 021 machine is a forming machine used to bending the straight drinking straws to be the flexible drinking straws. The whole machine is fully automatic from straight straws to product bending straws only need the worker to add the straight straw.
The straight straws supplied in the hopper at the top of the machine , are feed one by one into the main drum of the machine and clamped by two mechanical hand .As the main drum rotates ,the straw passes through two rotary dies to receive die-pressed effect ,is then compressed with two mechanical hand to from flexible. then output the  finished products automatically. The main drum always carries 12 straws in continuous operation,This machine has a higher production capacity. This machine has the ISO9001 and the CE Certificate.
◆High production capacity.
◆With automatic product counting function.
◆Once the pre-set value is reached. the machine will make alarm sound ,it may convenient for quantity packing into bags.
◆Automatic stop when fault.

Driving motor 1.5kw(control by frequency converter )
Production Capacity 200~300pcs/min
Inside diameter ф3.8mm ф4.8mm ф5.8mm
Thickness of straw 0.2±0.02mm 0.2±0.02mm 0.2±0.02mm
Length of straight straw 165~245mm 200~260mm 200~260mm
Length of flexible straw 150~230mm 185~245mm 185~245mm
Other specifications are customizable
Machine size 1500х1800х1600mm
Machine weight 1000kg