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Artist flexible straw making machine

Item No.: JY022
Min. Order: 1 Piece
02 series Semi-automatic Artistic Drinking Straw Making Machine
02 series semi-automatic artistic drinking straw making machine is a kind of equipment used to process multi-tooth flexible straw. The teeth number can reach to 60pacs. First, the polypropylene straight straw be feeded by hand.Then, two groups of forming wheel are controlled by foot switch to rotate. After that, the straw is automatically shaped into flexible straw with 60 teeth .Finally. the operater pull out the drinking straw by hand.
This straw making machine has the ISO9001 and the CE Certificate.
◆The flexible artistic straw with 60-tooth。
◆The operation is convenient. Foot switch is applied and the operation can be performed with both hands.
Driving motor
Production capacity 20pcs/min
Straws specification
Inside  diameter Φ5.8mm
Length of straight straw 270~400mm
Thickness 0.15~0.19mm
tooth 40~60牙
Other specifications are Customizable
Machine size((L×W×H) 200 × 90×160mm
Machine weight 40kg