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L-shape automatic gathering machine

Item No.: JY F-2
Min. Order: 1 Piece
F-2 series L-shape automatic gathering machine, which is the auxiliary equipment of the high-speed extrusion line , comprises driving motor, automatic gathering device and conveying device. The machine is highly automatic. The gathering Work done by machines has replaced manual labour which can saves labor cost greatly. This machine has the ISO9001 and the CE Certificate.
Reduce labor greatly . Every section of the machine from gathering and conveying operated automatically. One can operate three equipments synchronously.
High production efficiency. And the tubes have a reliable quality.
The machine overcomes the defects of old type cutting machine being easily snapped or bent.
Driving motor 380V   control by frequency converter
Production capacity 700~1000pcs/min   According to the straw  length
Operating mode Automatic gathering the straw
Machine size 1950×1560×720mm
Weight 300kg