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I-shape straws connecting packing machine & cutting machine

Item No.: JY032
Min. Order: 1 Piece
I-shape straws connecting packing machine & cutting machine


I-shape tetra pack machine is an equipment for packing straw into bag and cutting single-straw. The main drum always carries a lot of straws in the successive and different operations. This provides a high packing rate, and automation. To complete filling in & packing at a time. It not only makes your straw packing operators easier,but also provides you with a high reliability.

This machine has the ISO9001 and the CE Certificate.
◆Single tetra straw packing filling in and packing at a time.
◆Automatic product counting, product quantity pre-set. once the pre-set value is reached, the machine will stop and an alarm will sound
◆Packing speed can be adjusted freely
◆Automatic stop when the package is missing the straw

Driving motor 0.75kw(control by frequency converter)
Production capacity
Packing method
Four sides sealing
Specifications of packing materia
can be hot sealed such as BOPP
Thickness 20μ-30μ
Roll diameter Max:  240mm
Inside diameter of roll
Width of film Max:230mm
Packing method 15mm(p)×  90~260mm(W)
Straws specifications Diameter Ø 3 ~ Ø7mm
Thickness 0.15~0.25mm
Length 90~215mm(Normal)
Other specifications are Customiza
Machine size 2000× 900 × 1600mm
Machine weight 400kg