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The drinking straw machine apparatus according to claim 1 wherein

The drinking straw machine apparatus according to claim 1 wherein:
there are frictional grip-enhancing features provided on said outer peripheral surfaces of the auxiliary rollers
The present invention relates to a packing machine, optionally an attachment for a straw making machine, for packing bales of straw fodder of a "rectangular" form the machine comprising two drive rollers which rotate the straw fodder bale around a substantially horizontal axis.
In agriculture, it is becoming more and more common to ensile straw fodder in the form of packed straw fodder bales. There is a movement away from the traditional silo plant.
An objective of the present invention is to provide either a new complete drinking straw machine, or optionally an attachment which can be mounted subsequently on machines which already exist, for packing bales of straw fodder which are rectangular in form.
According to the invention, this is achieved by a cutting machine, or optionally an attachment thereto, of the kind described by way of introduction which is characterized in that each drive roller is operationally coupled to two auxiliary rollers.
Drinking straws machine for drinking straws
The method herein disclosed is to groove the straw circumferentially, one groove at a time, progressively part way toward one end of the straw, starting inwardly from the other end, the grooves having sides of unequal length for snapping over center in flexing or straightening the straw. The drinking straws machine nvolves one drum on which the grooving is performed, and a second drum on which the grooved straws are subjected to endwise compression to close the corrugations in the grooved portion and define reentrant folds.
This drinking straw machine elates to a novel method and Straw machine
for making flexible drinking straws, more particularly the peculiarly corrugated ones disclosed in