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In a drinking straw machine or the production of drinking straws

In a drinking straw machine or the production of drinking straws, each having a flexible portion intermediate the ends defined by circumferential grooves formed therein, a first support means on which the straws are conveyed and held in spaced parallel relationship, a second support means on which forming mandrels are conveyed in spaced parallel relationship to one another registering with said straws, means for feeding the straws endwise from the first support means onto said mandrels for the forming operation, the mandrels having axially spaced annular ribs thereon, means for turning said mandrels with the straws telescoped thereon.
straw making machine as set forth in claim.wherein the ribs on the first-named mandrels are so spaced and arranged relative to those on the plate that the circumferential grooves formed in the straws have sides of unequal length.
The method herein disclosed is to groove the straw circumferentially, one groove at a time, progressively part way toward one end of the straw, starting inwardly from the other end, the grooves having sides of unequal length for snapping over center in flexing or straightening the straw. The drinking straws machine nvolves one drum on which the grooving is performed, and a second drum on which the grooved straws are subjected to endwise compression to close the corrugations in the grooved portion and define reentrant folds.