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Drinking straw machine for drinking straws

The method herein disclosed is to groove the straw circumferentially, one groove at a time, progressively part way toward one end of the straw, starting inwardly from the other end, the grooves having sides of unequal length for snapping over center in flexing or straightening the straw. The drinking straw machine nvolves one drum on which the grooving is performed, and a second drum on which the grooved straws are subjected to endwise compression to close the corrugations in the grooved portion and define reentrant folds.
This straw making machine elates to a novel method and Straw machine
for making flexible drinking straws, more particularly the peculiarly corrugated ones disclosed in wherein each of the corrugations is defined by a circumferential groove having sides of unequal length, and these corrugations, when the straw is contracted lengthwise, defining reentrant overlapping folds. Each of these folds, in flexing the straw to a desired extent open with a "pop" as the fold goes past dead center, thereby holding the mouthpiece beyond the corrugations at any given set position. The development of the straw was one thing, the development of a satisfactory method and machine for its successful commercial production has been quite another matter, as shown by the fact that they could not be made fast enough for good profit but, worse still, a high percentage of these new straws obtainable on the market so far have not operated as intended.